Building an investment platform in an Armageddon-esque market

By Felicia Hjertman | 02.06.20

The beginning of the journey...

When we first started working on getting the blog up, the tide of opinion on COVID-19 had only just started to turn for the worse. So I wrote a piece on the 18th of March, almost a week before the UK went into lockdown, with the potential of it being the launch post. For a number of reasons I decided not to launch the blog at that time with this piece, but I kept it because I wanted to have some time to reflect on it and see the situation play out a bit more. It’s now 2.5 months later and I thought I would share it, not as a launch post, but more as an insight into the mind of a startup founder when the world is about to be on fire…

My name is Felicia and I am a FinTech start-up founder. A rather stressed out one right now. I was going to set up a blog in an organised fashion, you know with the standard articles in a logical order: Investing 101, What is an ISA, etc. But given the current, unprecedented, situation I thought I would start with what is actually on my mind – right now. And we will get to the other stuff in due course.

Some global asset managers want to shut down the markets, ETF prices are dislocating and markets are on sale(?) basically everywhere. Or is this the end of the world? Will I be able to raise any capital to actually get this platform off the ground? And even if I do, will anyone dare to invest in the market? Some view this as an excellent time to invest. Others are preparing for permanent lockdown to the extent that they are learning how to bake and even the clingfilm shelves are completely empty. WHO NEEDS CLING FILM THAT BADLY?!

We have all heard how being a founder is like being on a roller coaster that never stops. However, I have to admit that this feels more like having a bonfire with my savings – and let’s be honest, that would have been more fun to watch than this.

Corona what? Isn’t that a beer? I was one of those people who a couple of weeks ago was going on about how this “is just a flu” only to come back with my tail between my legs as a not-so-proud-anymore start-up founder wishing for all of this to end.

But is all lost? Sure, I may not be selling toilet paper or flexible working software – but I am building a platform that helps people get access to the markets in a more user-friendly way. And some would say that the markets are now on sale. And in contrast to toilet paper, you actually stand a chance to make money from investing (that is the point anyway). Then again, given the echoingly empty toilet paper shelves in most supermarkets right now, you might be able to make some money from reselling loo roll as well. What a time to be alive.

I digress. Investing - What is that all about? Well that is what we will endeavour to explore in this blog. Since we are all quarantined anyway, we will eventually suffer from entertainment fatigue. So maybe you will start reading this blog now, or maybe in four weeks’ time when you have already watched everything there is to watch on Netflix, read every book you have in your house and made your way through the mountain of blogs and content there is online already.

Either way, no matter when or why you are reading this – I want to welcome you to our blog! We will do our best to build up your knowledge on the topic of investing, because you know what they say – knowledge is power. And who doesn’t want a bit of power? We will also try our best to make it easy to read, succinct, and not too dry. On some topics this will be harder than others – Mmm, who isn’t looking forward to a post on charges and fees?!

Anyway, enough rambling. WELCOME to Tillit!

The information in this post is not financial advice, it is provided solely to help you make your own investment decisions. If you are unsure about whether an investment is appropriate for you, please seek professional financial advice. You can find more information here.

When you invest you should remember that the value of investments, and the income from them, can go down as well as up and that past performance is no guarantee of future return.

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