Keeping score: The truth about ESG ratings

Written by Anna Fedorova · 20.01.21

As sustainable investing grows in popularity, how can we distinguish truly sustainable companies and funds from greenwashing? To help investors with this question, a growing number of companies offer ratings which rank stocks or funds based on a variety of ESG metrics. However, these ratings can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help.

Impact funds: If finance and philanthropy had a love child

Written by Anna Fedorova · 23.12.20

How do you marry a financial return with making the world a better place? Is it even possible or is it an oxymoron? Impact funds are here to prove that it can be done.

ESG funds: Should you pick active or passive?

Written by Anna Fedorova · 02.12.20

So, you have decided you want to incorporate some environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into your investment portfolio. You have read our guide on the different ESG styles of investing, but now you are faced with a key question: do you choose an active or passive fund? As ever, it all depends on your goals and how much you are willing to pay to achieve them. To help you decide, we take a look at the differences between active and passive ways of investing sustainably and cover some of the pros and cons of each.

Digging deeper into ESG investing

Written by Anna Fedorova · 16.08.20

You may remember how we talked about ESG investing being a sort of spectrum going from light green to dark green. Another model that can help make sense of the evolution of ESG investing is the Spectrum of Capital, which was developed by Bridges Fund Management. This model categorises investment styles on a spectrum ranging from traditional investment all the way to philanthropy. The different subsets of ESG focused investing styles fit in between these two extremes. Ultimately, where you stand on the ESG investing spectrum really depends on what you want to achieve with your investments.

ESG investing = Easy, Special, Good?

Written by Anna Fedorova · 18.06.20

Even if you’re not an investment guru, you may well have heard of ESG. More and more financial headlines are sporting this acronym and everyone seem to be talking about it. But what does it actually mean and is it relevant for you?

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