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At Tillit we are big believers in learning and broadening our horizons. We also think that there is too much noise in the world of stock markets and investing today. Our focus is on the long-term and that is reflected in our various Insight articles, from opinion pieces to interviews and beginners’ guides, and even our market updates only come out quarterly.

The opinion

Making an impact in emerging markets

By Mike Sell - Head of Emerging Markets, Alquity

As the dust settles after the Glasgow COP26 meeting, it is clear that emerging markets and particularly the two largest players of China and India have emerged with their reputations tarnished. Despite India’s major announcements at the start of the meeting, its insistence along with China to adapt the wording to “phase down” rather than “phase out” unabated coal power stole the headlines. Should we characterise these countries as the villains in the fight against climate change or is the situation more nuanced? What implications, if any, does this have for the future of ESG and sustainable investing in emerging markets?

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Quarterly investment review - Q4 2021

By Gavin Haynes

As we go into the final quarter of 2021, we look at how different asset classes and stock markets have been performing, which funds and sectors have been the winners and losers over the past quarter and what’s on the minds of some of our fund managers.

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Short reads - Styles & themes

VCTs: Exploring unique investments while saving on your taxes

By Anna Fedorova

Once considered a niche investment option, Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) have seen a boom in demand over recent years, raising a total of £619m during the 2019-20 tax year, the third highest amount since 2006. Investors are attracted to these vehicles by the lucrative tax breaks and the innovative areas they invest in, but they don’t come without caveats.

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Short reads - Asset allocation | Styles & themes

Property funds: Safe as houses?

By Faith Archer

Investors wishing to profit from property prices and rental yields don’t have to buy a house, when they can invest in property funds instead. Rather than heading to an estate agent, try an investment platform. You can snap up a stake in a property fund with much less money and hassle than buying a building.

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Short reads - Sustainable investing

Keeping score: The truth about ESG ratings

By Anna Fedorova

As sustainable investing grows in popularity, how can we distinguish truly sustainable companies and funds from greenwashing? To help investors with this question, a growing number of companies offer ratings which rank stocks or funds based on a variety of ESG metrics. However, these ratings can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help.

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