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At Tillit we are big believers in learning and broadening our horizons. We also think that there is too much noise in the world of stock markets and investing today. Our focus is on the long-term and that is reflected in our various Insight articles, from opinion pieces to interviews and beginners’ guides, and even our market updates only come out quarterly.

Basics - Fundamentals

The miracle of compounding

By Anna Fedorova | 30.07.20

Can you guess how many times £1 would have to double to make £1,000,000? The answer, astonishingly, is just 20 times! But guess how much you would have if you doubled your initial pound 10 times? Believe it or not, it would be just £1,024.

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Basics - Asset allocation

An introduction to asset classes

By Anna Fedorova | 25.07.20

One of the most important decisions in investing is deciding on which asset class(es) to invest in. How much you should have in each is an asset allocation decision, which is usually based on two main factors – your time horizon, and your appetite for volatility (which we discussed in our last post). We will dig into that in another post shortly, but first, let’s get to know the building blocks.

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Basics - Fundamentals | Asset allocation

What is risk?

By Jane Wallace | 16.07.20

The word ‘risk’ is often bandied around in the world of investing. It’s a pretty alarming term, especially when mentioned in the same breath as your hard-earned savings. Yet other investors seem to carry on quite happily regardless. Are they just crazy adrenaline junkies or do they know something we don’t?

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Basics - Fundamentals

Who ate my cash? The impact of inflation on your savings

By Anna Fedorova | 10.07.20

Most of us vividly remember the outrage when Toblerone decided to shrink its chocolate bars. As consumers, we felt totally ripped off. But it’s not just chocolate. From your daily coffee to the price of a train ticket, it just feels like your money doesn’t go as far as it used to, doesn’t it? This, my friend, is the power of inflation.

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Basics - Active investing | Passive investing

Active or Passive investing: Which one should I pick?

By Jane Wallace | 30.06.20

Should I invest in a fund managed by a computer or a human being? It’s a common question for investors although the jury is still out on which approach is best. As the debate intensifies in the industry, we dig into the pros and cons of Active and Passive investing and figure out if there is a clear winner or if it’s a case of horses for courses.

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