Tillit’s mission is to empower and inspire the private investor

Investing in funds today sucks. The daunting amount of choice, jargon and the general lack of transparency are all to blame. Trust in the financial industry is hanging by a thread, and deservedly so. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We are on a mission to change the status quo by focusing on best-in-class funds, transparency, and an experience that informs and delights investors. Tillit means trust in Swedish and our goal is to earn yours.

Tillit’s vision is to be the world’s best fund boutique, where the investor comes first, the experience is 5-star, and everyone is always welcome

Maximising your hard-earned savings through investing should be accessible for everyone. But because there is no one-size-fits-all, we want to create a space where the funds are handpicked by us and tailored by you to fit your own personal style. You can be a Tilliter regardless of your wealth, your financial background, and where you live.

To earn your trust we will be:

Taking your side


Fundamentally fair

Creating value

Challenging complacency

The team

Felicia Hjertman, Founder & CEO of Tillit:
“I refuse to accept that this is the best we can do.”

Originally from Sweden, Felicia moved to the UK in 2007 to study International Business and Russian Language. After university she started her career as an Investment Analyst at the world-renowned asset management firm Baillie Gifford in Edinburgh. She spent 8 years with the firm, during which she managed multibillion-dollar portfolios for institutional and retail clients.

After spending years being frustrated by the poor state of personal investing, she gave up her career to try to build something that is genuinely fit for purpose. That is how Tillit was born.

Felicia Hjertman - CEO

“I passionately believe that DIY investing should be accessible to everyone but today it is like an exclusive club in a foreign country - you can’t afford to get in and you don’t speak the language. But after having spent almost a decade as an industry insider, I know that it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Paul O'Neill - CTO

"By the simple step of making ordinary people the focus of our service we're compelled to think differently about how investment products should be built and delivered. Technology is the enabler but not our purpose - clarity, fairness and delight always come first."

Thomas Dainovec - Software developer

Join us

We are always looking for great people who love a challenge to join our team. Why not ping us a message, you might be exactly the person we need.

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Fund selection experts

Tillit has partnered with Fairview Investing to find the best-in-class funds for our customers. Fairview is an independent investment consulting business formed by Ben Yearsley and Gavin Haynes who have a wealth of industry expertise and a shared belief in finding the right (and avoiding the wrong) ways to invest. The key objective of Fairview is to help clients achieve the best possible investment outcomes. The key focus is ensuring that investment solutions provide value and help investors understand risk and enhance returns.

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