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Building the world’s best fund boutique

At TILLIT we believe that long-term investment success lies in funds. For us ‘funds’ mean collections of assets, whether that be open-ended funds like OEICs and unit trusts, or closed-ended funds like investment trusts or ETFs.

To make it easier for people to find and invest in funds, we aim to build the world's best fund boutique. By offering an exciting fund discovery and selection process, exclusive content, and a focus on transparency and fairness, TILLIT is bringing fund investing into the 21st century.

TILLIT means ‘trust’ in Swedish, and our goal is to earn yours.

Our founders

Felicia Hjertman Tillit copy 2

Felicia Hjertman


Originally from Sweden, Felicia started her career in financial services at the world-renowned asset management firm Baillie Gifford. She spent eight years with the firm, during which she managed multibillion-dollar portfolios for institutional and retail clients, analysed companies, and serviced clients.

“I passionately believe that DIY investing should be accessible to everyone but today it is like an exclusive club in a foreign country - you can’t afford to get in and you don’t speak the language. We are on a mission to change that.”

Tillit Paul O Neill BW copy

Paul O'Neill


Paul has been a professional software developer for nearly 15 years, leading teams and working in a mix of startups and larger firms ranging from biotechnology to identity management and investments.

"By making people the focus of our service, we think differently about how investment products should be built and delivered. Technology is an enabler but not our purpose - clarity, fairness and delight come first."

Our supporters

TILLIT is built and backed by investment specialists. We are funded by venture capital and angel investors from the financial service industry, including fund managers with over 90 years of experience.