One simple platform fee

When it comes to fees, we believe in three things: simplicity, transparency, and long-term thinking.


We only charge one fee, a platform fee of 0.40% for the first year on the total assets (cash and invested) in your TILLIT account(s). There are no trading, transfer, or exit fees.

Individual fund fees, stamp duty, and the Panel of Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) levy may apply. Read more

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Long-term thinking

Investing is about the long-term and we want to reward customers for taking a long-term view. That is why we have tied our platform fee to time, not wealth. Your fee will drop by 0.01% annually until it reaches 0.25% - regardless of the size of your assets!

Example 1: After five years of being a TILLIT customer, you would pay 0.35% per annum.

Example 2: You open a Stocks & Shares ISA today and pay 0.40% per annum. In three years’ time you decide to open a General Investment Account as well. Because our platform fee is set at the client level, in this scenario you would pay 0.37% on the total assets in both of your accounts, not just your ISA.


We believe that you should always know how much you are charged and when. On your Dashboard you can always see exactly what you have paid in TILLIT platform fees and on what date. We also want you to invest with knowledge of how much it may cost you to be invested in a particular fund, investment trust or ETF. This is why we show you a monthly cost estimate in pounds and pennies on the trading screen, based on the amount you want to invest, the TILLIT platform fee and the fund’s ongoing charges figure (OCF).

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