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One simple platform fee

When it comes to fees, we believe in three things: Simplicity, transparency, and long-term thinking.

Fee calculator

£100 £100,000
Year 0 Year 15
Year 5 £17.50

Long-term thinking

Investing is about the long-term and we want to reward customers for taking a long-term view. That is why we have tied our platform fee to time, not wealth. Your fee will drop by 0.01% annually until it reaches 0.25% - regardless of the size of your assets!

Example 1: After five years of being a TILLIT customer, you would pay 0.35% per annum.

Example 2: You open a Stocks & Shares ISA today and pay 0.40% per annum. In three years’ time you decide to open a General Investment Account as well. Because our platform fee is set at the client level, in this scenario you would pay 0.37% on the total assets in both of your accounts, not just your ISA.