Investment Committee

There are over 5,500 funds available to private investors in the UK. Choice is good, but too much choice can be overwhelming, even paralysing. Not to mention incredibly time consuming.

That is why we have whittled thousands of funds down to what we believe are the best-in-class. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor, there is something for everyone.

Purpose and members

In building TILLIT's investment Universe we went back to first principles. The purpose of the Investment Committee is to provide governance, support, challenge and transparency to the fund selection process and to ensure we stay true to our investment beliefs. The committee meets regularly to discuss updates and news related to the funds in the Universe, as well as to explore and debate new ideas.

Sheridan Admans

Sheridan has 20 years of industry experience, specialising in investment analysis roles such as Fund of Funds Manager, Investment Analyst and Investment Adviser. Sheridan was recognised in the FT Adviser Hidden Gems Club shortlist of “30 funds under the radar between £10 & £100 million in size” in 2016 and was highlighted by Trustnet in 2015 as offering ‘best protection this year’ to investors in a multi-manager fund he managed at the time. Sheridan is a Chartered Wealth Manager and an MBA holder.

Sheridan is Head of Fund Selection at TILLIT.

Alexandra Danielsson

Alexandra has over 10 years of experience in financial markets with a focus on client servicing and business development at Federated Hermes, NinetyOne and most recently, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) as Director of Continental Europe. She has a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of responsible investing and ESG in particular.

Patrick Edwardson

Patrick has 30 years of global investment experience, covering both mainstream and alternative asset classes. He joined Baillie Gifford in 1993 and was promoted to partner in 2005. During his time at Baillie Gifford he led the firm’s multi-asset business. He retired from Baillie Gifford in 2020 and now runs his own family investment vehicle, Atheian Ltd. He also serves as a non-executive director on three investment trusts; Edinburgh Investment Trust, JPMorgan Multi-Asset Growth and Income and North American Income Trust.

Patrick is the Chair of the Investment Committee and an investor in TILLIT.

Gavin Haynes

Gavin has over 25 years of investment experience with a focus on portfolio construction. He served as Managing Director at Whitechurch Securities, heading up their discretionary fund manager service for 15 years during which time the company won a wide range of industry awards for service and performance. Gavin is a long-term commentator on fund selection and investment markets.

Gavin is an investor in TILLIT.

Felicia Hjertman

Felicia has eight years of investment management experience from Baillie Gifford across Japanese and European equities, as well as corporate bonds. She spent the majority of her career focused on Japanese equities and managed portfolios for institutional clients and retail investors as the Co-manager of the Japanese Smaller Companies fund and Deputy manager of Shin Nippon investment trust.

Felicia is the Founder & CEO of TILLIT.

Ben Yearsley

Ben has over 20 years of personal finance and fund selection experience, including 15 years at Hargreaves Lansdown. He helped launch Charles Stanley Direct as Head of Investment Research, and has co-founded a tax-efficient investment company for high-net-worth individuals. He chairs the investment committee for a financial planning company and has served as a non-executive director for a fund of funds. Ben is a leading commentator in the personal finance industry on funds and markets.

Ben is an investor in TILLIT.

How have our funds performed?

At TILLIT, we aim to offer best-in-class funds across asset classes, regions and styles. Our Annual Performance Report 2023 is one of the ways we hold ourselves accountable to that mission.

We analysed the performance of the TILLIT Universe over 5, 10 and 20 years and found 93% of our active funds with a 20-year track record outperformed their benchmark after fees over the period.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Capital is at risk if you invest.

Explore the platform and our investment Universe and start investing with as little as £1.

Capital at risk.