The TILLIT Pension

TILLIT is on a journey to revolutionise pensions in the UK. With a TILLIT Pension you are in control of your money and how it is invested. No more one-size-fits-all. With TILLIT you are empowered to build a pension that’s right for you.

Capital at risk.

Boring Money Best New Investment Platform 2022 and FSCS Protected

Your pension, your choice

Your pension is your nest egg for the future. It is one of the most important and powerful assets most of us will have, and yet many of us don’t know much about it. How you will be able to live your life in the future depends on the decisions you make in your pension today.

By taking control of your pension, you can make decisions about how and where your pension is invested and ensure that it’s optimised for your needs and aligned with your values.


Build a bespoke portfolio

With TILLIT you can take full control over how your pension is invested and build a bespoke portfolio from our range of handpicked funds. From well-known classics to trailblazers and wildcards, we roam the market to find the best-in-class active and passive funds across asset classes, regions and styles.

Whether you want to invest with purpose and use your money to drive change in the world, want exposure to specific long-term growth sectors like healthcare or technology, or are looking to explore different flavours of bonds or alternative asset classes, you can build a portfolio that suits your interests and requirements in the TILLIT Universe.


…or leave it on autopilot

Not sure what you want to invest in yet? No problem! With TILLIT, you don’t have to jump in with both feet. When you open your account you are automatically placed in our ‘default fund’. This is a professionally managed fund which automatically adjusts what you are invested in over time to balance growth in the early years with downside protection as you get closer to retirement. Essentially, by staying in the default fund you are leaving your pension on autopilot.

Best of all, you don’t have to pick either extreme. You can leave part of your pot in the default fund and pick your own funds for the rest and get the best of both worlds.

What our customers say

Great interface, great content, a much more sleek and focused way of investing than what any of the peers offer


TILLIT is awesome, a super engaging platform and really easy to use


TILLIT feels fresh - engaging, like thought has gone into it and I can relate to the way they talk to me.


Small dedicated team who are responsive to feedback. Nimble enough to continually improve product and give confidence to the customer of an efficient operation without big-company overheads. Love that I can correspond with people running TILLIT rather than an anonymous entity in a call centre.


Fantastic investment platform, very user friendly and good fee arrangements.


TILLIT is beautiful, intuitive, refined. It’s easy for a novice but has layers of sophistication to suit those with more experience too. As an early adopter I have been so impressed.


TILLIT are very responsive with a super web app that makes finding funds easy. Their pricing concept is a winner!


Makes investment simple to understand and easy to do


A great new way to invest


Great for learning to invest - comprehensive information, filter system, and transparency. Love the platform!


Very responsive to any query