The Dark Universe

TILLIT is a curated platform with handpicked funds, investment trusts and ETFs - we don’t offer everything in the market. If you have investment accounts elsewhere, that could make moving to TILLIT a challenge. This is why we have built the Dark Universe, which enables you to move to TILLIT and bring your holdings* with you.

*Please see ‘Eligible assets’ below for more information.

Capital at risk.

Bring your holdings with you

You may not want to be out of the market during the time of a transfer, you may be particularly fond of some holdings in your portfolio that don’t currently exist in the TILLIT Universe, or the timing might not be right to sell. Whatever the reason may be, we have built the Dark Universe so that you can move to TILLIT and bring your holdings* with you.

The in specie transfer

The ability to transfer an existing investment account with holdings to TILLIT without having to sell them down to cash is called an ‘in specie’ transfer. You can bring any eligible* holdings with you and you stay invested throughout the transfer process.

*Please see ‘Eligible assets’ below for more information.

Capital at risk.

Transfer to TILLIT

If you are ready to move to TILLIT and bring your holdings with you, you can start by clicking the button below. We look forward to welcoming you to TILLIT!

Dark Universe assets vs TILLIT Universe assets

The Dark Universe is where we host any funds, investment trusts (including REITs) or ETFs (including ETCs) you transfer that are not currently in the main TILLIT Universe.

Please see the below comparison table for more detail about what you can do and what information you have access to for Dark Universe assets versus TILLIT Universe assets.

TILLIT Universe assetsDark Universe assets
Trading (buy and sell)
Performance data
Yield data
Top 10 holdings, sectors, regions
Fund manager data
Other (name, ISIN, asset manager, size, structure)
One-line description
Fund manager video (where applicable)
Sustainability data (where applicable)
Ongoing due diligence
Searchable in the TILLIT Universe

Eligible assets

In designing the Dark Universe, we’re aiming to make it easier for our customers to transfer to TILLIT. However, we can’t accept any and all assets.

As TILLIT is a platform focused on funds (including open-ended, investment trusts and ETFs), we are not able to access individual stocks and shares, cryptocurrencies or other niche or alternative assets. Please see the table below for more detail.

Asset type



UK (and LUX) domiciled open-ended funds
Investment trusts
Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
Exchange-traded commodities (ETCs)
Individual stocks & shares
Non-GBP denominated assets
Leveraged ETFs
Complex assets (including over-the-counter instruments, private assets, etc)
Any unregulated assets

If you are unsure whether we are able to accept a particular asset, email our Transfer Concierge team at, or check out our FAQs on transfers.

Capital at risk.

Frequently Answered Questions

You can find the full list of transfer FAQs here.

How long does it take to transfer my account to TILLIT?

You can start transferring your account to TILLIT in less than 5 minutes! Once we have received your transfer request, we will re