TILLIT Guide to Sustainable Investing

In the last decade, sustainable investing has skyrocketed in popularity, with more and more investors looking to generate a return while also doing good. But what exactly is sustainable investing? What are the different ways you can invest sustainably and what are the pitfalls to look out for?

The TILLIT Guide to Sustainable Investing answers all of these questions and more!

Get the inside track from our experts

Investing with consideration for the environment, workers’ rights and good corporate governance is not a new concept, but in the last few decades it’s become mainstream rather than a niche objective for the few. But the world of sustainability is murky and not all sustainable funds are created equal.

This is why we have created the TILLIT Guide to Sustainable Investing to help you sort the green from the greenwashed. It covers the key building blocks and gives you everything you need to know to figure out if this style of investing is right for you and your portfolio.

It’s the ultimate guide and it’s completely free!

What to expect

The TILLIT Guide to Sustainable Investing is structured across 8 chapters, which you will receive straight to your inbox across 8 days:

1. Introduction

2. The Spectrum of Capital

3. Exclusions-Based Investing

4. Avoiding Fossil Fuels

5. Positive Change Investing

6. Impact Investing

7. Ratings & Regulations

8. What Matters To You?

Investing with TILLIT

We want to empower everyone to make better investment decisions. We bring you best-in-class funds, investment trusts and ETFs, access to fund insights in plain English, and we align our success to yours.

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Our team of industry experts filter the market and handpick investment opportunities across asset classes, regions and styles. Only the funds we believe to be best-in-class are selected. Stop wasting time trying to pick a needle in a haystack of thousands of options. On TILLIT you can focus on the funds that are worth your time and your money, so that you can make better investment decisions.

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Researching funds is a full-time job. Wading through factsheets, deciphering KIIDs, and cutting through the sales pitch on the asset manager’s website often leaves you more confused than when you started.

On TILLIT, each fund comes with a snappy headline, an executive summary of what it does, what its edge is and why it might be right for you so that you can do the research and make your investments, all in one place.

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We believe in simplicity and transparency, so we only charge one fee: a platform fee of 0.40% for the first year on the assets in your account. But the key thing is, this fee will drop by 0.01% every year until it reaches 0.25% - regardless of the size of your assets. There are no trading, transfer, or exit fees*.

*Individual fund fees, stamp duty, and the Panel of Takeovers and Mergers (PTM) levy may apply.

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Regulated and FSCS protected

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